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 -NATIVE PLANTS are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem. 

Our birds, butterflies, and wildlife rely on indigenous plants that evolved with them for their food and shelter. Exotic plants though they look great do nothing for our environment. They do not support our wildlife as much as our native species does and also have the potential of turning into an invasive species.

Sadly most of the existing plants in our gardens are alien plants.  That is not your fault – that’s just what sells best in most of our local nurseries. Being aware of how advantageous native plants are to our ecosystem will help change our outlook. This change in our outlook is the first step towards having a landscape design that is pleasing to our eyes while supporting the numerous lives that depend on it.

- NATIVE PLANTS are stunning! 

The old belief that native plants look like weeds is simply not correct. Showy/demure flowers, evergreen/those that undergo brilliant seasonal changes in color - Take your pick.

We have one of the most diverse populations of native plants in the world! Well-lit, shady, or anything in between? Rocky, sandy, or waterlogged? There are native plants that thrive in any of the given conditions. Ground cover? There are tons to choose from. Plants that flower during different seasons ensure your garden is a riot of colors.

Brighten your day by looking at Helianthus. Sit back and enjoy seeing the birds flock to the Lobelia, and the butterflies to the Asclepias. Wonder how the bees get the nectar from Gentiana. A native garden is not just coloful. It is alive. It is pleasing to all your senses. A designer who takes your preferences to heart will help you create a ecologically sensible native garden that ticks all the boxes.

-NATIVE PLANTS are very hardy and cost less to maintain. 

A well established native plant will require little maintenance. There is no need for fertilizer or pesticides.  Also, after their first season, most of them probably won’t need to be watered. Saying that they take care of themselves may not even be an exaggeration. By using them we improve the health of our Chesapeake Bay.

By using native plants we can create functional gardens that are beautiful, low maintenance, and kind to the environment.