Remodeling and Home Design

"Is it worth it to hire a landscape designer? Yes! I loved the entire process of working with Elisa. She really cares and takes the time to explain the reasons why she selected each plant.  Her design printouts are a work of art worth framing. She supervised the installation of my stone pathway, working with the installers so that each stone was cut and positioned just right. She has saved me years of experimentation and mistakes. I'm so in love with my front yard right now. I go sit on my porch every morning to watch my plants and I smile."

- Christine P.

Falls Church is so lucky to have Elisa Meara as our own home-based native plant landscape designer.  Elisa is a certified master gardener with international experience.  And it shows.  I have had several landscaping companies over the years provide services to me and my wife.  None demonstrated Elisa’s level of expertise for landscaping, but more importantly her knowledge of plants, what they like and what they don’t, and how to make them grow and to display their beauty.  She works with you first to understand your needs and wants out of your garden.  She lays out detailed plans with pictures of the plantings she is recommending.  Working with her to come up with your final plan is a delight.  She draws on local labor for installation and provides work opportunities to those living in our community.  Really important, she has an eye for beauty and perspective.  She seems to know what plantings will fit into your garden spot and thrive.  We planted in early June and I was concerned we might have a problem with the plants surviving the summer heat.  We lost a few, but because Elisa uses native plants, they are already adapted to our environment.  Next year will be our second season, and we are looking forward to seeing our garden fill in and flower with seasonal interest all year long.  We are so happy with Elisa that we have asked her for help with our vegetable garden and other landscaping issues around our yard.  I strongly recommend Elisa to you.  She is a delight, her work is meticulous and her passion for plants is infectious.  

- Sam Starr,  Falls Church.


Elisa Meara is a landscape designer with an eye for beauty and a heart of gold. She cares deeply for both her clients and the earth, an unbeatable combination. When Elisa worked on our backyard I came to experience her care and commitment first hand. From her architectural quality drawings to her meticulous inquiry of what we were looking for, she clearly respected my sensibilities both around design, and my pocketbook, while offering her impeccably honed knowledgeable around the impact of plants on our environment. The end result  is in progress (and I will update with pictures when finished) but in my mind our backyard has already been transformed to a work of art and  exquisite beauty. Thank you Elisa! This has been an unbelievably painless process all thanks to you!

-Rashmi Ripley


Elisa is a fabulous garden designer. Although I have never hired a garden designer before, I am so glad I did! I am very impressed with Elisa’s knowledge of native plants, her creativity and her sense of design. This fall, she designed and supervised the installation of gardens for my front- and back-yards, and I could not be more pleased. I am very excited about all the new plants that will start growing and blooming in the spring! I love having a beautiful garden, but it is hard to find the time to care for the plants. I anticipate that the native plants will be healthy in this habitat and will require less work to maintain.  How wonderful that Elisa created this lovely design with native plants! 

-G.Robarge Falls Church,Va.


Elisa is a wonderful landscape designer, and we would highly recommend her.  Not only does she work very specifically for your needs, but she is also conscious of what will work for our natural environment as a whole.  Her designs are colorful and beautiful, but she also allows for the client to input their opinion as she works.  She also is incredibly thorough and will send pictures through out the process to make certain you are satisfied with your final drawing and design.  Her ideas are interesting and beautiful.  We would work with her again!

-A.Yim Falls Church, Va.


Elisa provides expert and creative advice on garden design at extremely reasonable prices. She has particular expertise in creating attractive plans featuring hardy, native species. Elisa is passionate about her work, easy to reach and lovely to work with. Highest recommendation.



I live in upper northwest Washington. Elisa turned my garden into a little paradise. She drew plans that represented what our new garden would look like.  Included were the names and pictures of each plant. The process was collaborative in that she included existing plants that were meaningful to me. Together we discussed the plan and my suggestions were considered. The process was fun and stress free. I highly recommend Elisa Meara as your garden designer.  I promise you will be thoroughly satisfied.

-Juanita Harrison


When I met Elisa Meara I already knew her to be passionate about landscape design, and I was eager to redefine our front yard to be more environmentally friendly. As we are now being taxed for impervious surface, I was considering a rain garden in the front lawn. Elisa suggested to first turn half of the lawn area into a perennial shade garden, as it lies beneath a giant white oak. 

Her imaginative plan included a square of the central lawn marked to give it structure, and create interest around the outside with native small shrubs and plants. On a nice day and with leaf mulch and top soil on hand, she guided a workman (and two volunteers) in removing the lawn surrounding the square and planting perennials and a three small trees from my back yard--transforming the space in one day! I later added more from friends and points of interest to give it character, as she suggested. With the gradual slope of the lawn in plants instead of grass, the rain soaks in better, and runoff is less. It is a delightful change that has cut down mowing and promoted interest in native plants, and best of all, created an outdoor "living room," where with an added wooden rocker, I can now sit and watch the world go by! 

Elisa's enthusiasm is infectious, which made it a joy to work with her.


Falls Church, Va

Elisa is a great landscape designer. She is passionate about her work and the environment. Her choices of the plants and the design were very well thought of. She listened to my needs and came up with a beautiful design. 
She is very easy to work with , accommodating and flexible. The price was quite reasonable. 
I highly recommend her without hesitation.

-SH Falls

Church City.


Project Date: April 2017

Project Price: less than $1,000

Elisa prepared a beautiful and thoughtful design for my entire yard including the hardscape features. I am so pleased with her work – she listened carefully to my ideas, and fined tuned them into a cohesive and lovely plan. She has a wonderful aesthetic and an eye for detail in both the design and the implementation of the project that pulls everything together. Elisa is wonderful to work with – creative, knowledgeable, responsive, patient, and budget-conscious. She has great contacts for the implementation of the design and for the plants. The process has been so easy and rewarding. My yard is in the process of being transformed! CP -Arlington, Va.


Project Price Range: $10,000 - $49,999

I am very pleased with how the job turned out at my house. The plants you chose and their location, the design of the walks and the materials selected – it all turned out better than I could have dreamed of. Your knowledge of the plants is very obvious, and it was much appreciated how you went over each and every plant with me. Looking forward to watching it grow and attract bees, hummingbirds, butterfly’s, and the like. Elisa, you were very easy to work with, and I’m glad not to have gotten in the way of your thoughtful design. Having been in the industry for over 40 years I would recommend you to anyone.




Project Price Range: $10,000 - $49,999

Elisa listened to our wants and helped us figure out our needs. She developed a stunning plan that we're just seeing the fruits of. She remained flexible as we adjusted the plan and helped to troubleshoot problems as they arose (including adding screening from neighbors that wasn't part of the original plan). We would work with her again in a second.


Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999

Elisa has an incredible vision, knowledge & passion for the environment and native plants. She's a truly gifted, professional, meticulous, very friendly and easy person to work with. She took time to listen and look at pictures of our vision. 
She presented us an incredible landscape design that included a patio and native plants for the whole backyard, with names plus pictures of each plant/specie. She offered as much or little help we wanted to execute the project, never pressured us, but always ready for advise/help when needed. She is very reasonably priced and are so happy to found her through Houzz.

 -A.Couch Annandale, Va.