Native Plant Landscape Design (NPLD) is now offering a wide selection of Virginia native perennials, grasses and ferns in container and plug sizes.  Container-sized plants in various sizes from quarts, gallons or larger are available for special order and delivery direct to your home.  NPLD also maintains a selection of native plant landscape plugs.  Plugs refer to small containers that are connected to form a nursery tray that contains multiple plants of the same species in the early stages of growth.  Typically, each tray contains either 32, 50 or 72 individual plugs of the same species.Our current plug availability is found HERE.

We have found that many of our clients are interested in obtaining multiple species and in smaller quantities than those provided in full trays, which can make purchasing full trays cost prohibitive.  To provide a wide selection of plants in smaller individual quantities, NPLD purchases full trays from various nurseries and then divides the trays to offer the plugs for individual sale.  This will allow you to order as many, or as few, as needed to supplement your existing garden species, or perhaps try out a new plant.

As shown in the table, our plugs are priced according to size. The smallest individual plug size is 72 per tray and the largest is 32 per tray (the dimensions of a tray are basically the same for all plug sizes).  Additionally, we provide a per-species discount of 15% if 25 or more plugs of a single species is ordered.




Because we do not operate a nursery or retail store where we can sell direct to the public, container-sized plants and plugs purchased from NPLD will be available for pickup at a location in Falls Church or Vienna, dependent upon where the plants are being held.  However, NPLD will also deliver container-sized plants or plugs for a delivery fee of 20% of the cost of the plants, but subject to a minimum delivery fee of $75 and a maximum delivery fee of $125.  The plugs can be delivered directly to the client's location within a 10 mile driving distance from Falls Church or Vienna.

Payment must be made in advance via a digital link using credit card or PayPal.

The species and plug sizes we provide are dictated by what is available from our vendors.  For example, the size 32 plug provided by one of our vendors is 4.00" deep by 2.22" square and the 50LP plug is 5.00" deep by 2.00" square. The 50 size is not as deep as the 50LP, therefore, it costs a bit less.  Since we order from multiple sources, the actual plug dimensions may vary slightly within each plug size category but are within these approximate parameters. 

Our current plug availability is found HERE. If you are looking for a species we do not have in stock, please let us know and we will likely be able to order it for you. For those plugs we do not have in stock we require a minimum per-species order of 10 plugs to reduce the potential for loss of unsold plugs from the balance of the tray; however, the minimum per-species requirement for plugs we do not have in stock increases to 15 for orders that would be received from our plug vendors on September 1 or later in the year.  NPLD may, at our discretion, choose to relax the minimum per-species requirement if we are able to combine client orders interested in the same species.  If you are interested in ordering landscape plugs or container-sized plants please contact