Remodeling and Home Design


Under this option we will provide you with a scaled landscape design plan drawing of your design area.  This full design will include details of different bed shapes, plant selection, paved patio areas, change of levels, etc.

If you decide to proceed with the full landscape design option, we will follow up with the following steps:

Land Survey

We will conduct a site survey of the Study Area to document the location, configuration and dimension of key site features relevant to the design, including architectural features, hardscape, beds, trees and other large woody plants.  We will also identify and document key slope or drainage issues and other constraints, including photographs.

Conceptual Drawing

We will prepare a conceptual ‘plan view’ design for the Study Area.  The plans will depict existing features to remain along with planned landscape features, beds and other hardscape.  The planting plans will include color-coded icons showing the location, quantity and spatial arrangement of recommended native plant species throughout the Study Area.  A listing of the recommended native plant species and quantities will be provided on the drawings in tabular format. We will prepare one initial draft and up to two revisions.

Final Design

After two in-person design review meetings to review the draft and/or final landscape design plans we will provide one hard copy set of the final drawings printed in color at a scale of 1/8” or 1/4” per foot along with specifications of native plant quantities and species. We will also provide the final drawings in PDF format.