Remodeling and Home Design

Elisa grew up in the Dominican Republic.  Nature, and plants in particular, always played a big role in her life.  Living in a country where the weather allows people to enjoy the outdoors all-year-round, she became very interested in the beautiful array of textures, colors, forms, fragances and shades of the Dominican flora.  This was the beginning of her passion for beauty and design.

During the last fifteen years she has lived in five different countries.  In each place, she faced the  challenges that come with new and different kinds of plants, soils, and weather.  But the difficulties and hardships were always more than compensated for by the joy of learning, and the adventure of working with things new and exotic.  

While living in England, she trained at the Inchbald School of Design, successfully completing one of the most demanding and prestigious garden design programs in the world.

She is also a certified Virginia Master Gardener and has worked as a landscape designer in England, in Italy and now in Northern Virginia.